Obamacare, a social plan to treat the neediest

Government funding

Private financing

Employer financing

The US president launched his social protection program in 2010


PPOs or Preferred Providers Organizations

PPOs are private insurance companies that provide employees with medical coverage through their company. In other words, the monthly contribution will be paid by the company which will pay into a "Health Savings Account" tax free.

HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations

HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations are entities that offer both insurance and medical services. In other words, by subscribing to this insurance company, in return for a lump sum contribution, you will be able to benefit from a complete care service in the event of illness.

The II or Indemnity Insurances

Undoubtedly the most expensive, Indemnity Insurances are independent insurance companies, means they do not depend on any company or organization. They are thus based on a fairly simple pension system: insured members will contribute according to the risks they wish to cover.

Which health insurance to choose?

In addition, to minimize the risk of illness in foreign countries, carry out a complete health check before your departure and make sure that all your vaccines are up to date.


To choose well, base yourself on your needs, on the real risks that you will incur and of course, on your budget. Feel free to inquire at the consulate of USA in your country before your departure and simulate your online membership upon your arrival.

Employement in USA

If you come to the United States for an internship or a job, you can ask the company that hired you or your sponsor to integrate "medical insurance" into your benefits.

US vs Europe

unlike the Health Insurance in Europe, you can also live in the United States without any health insurance. But it s at your own risk! In the event of a health problem, serious or not, you will have to pay all the medical expenses out of your pocket.


If your budget does not allow you to purchase health insurance in good standing, there is one last alternative: enrolling in a university as a student. This status allows you to benefit from medical coverage type HMO.

Some definitions

To help you better understand the American health care system, here are some expressions from the vocabulary often used in this area

Copay: the equivalent of the co-payment in Europe, it is the remaining amount after insurance payment.

Deductible: this is the deductible, the minimum amount that you will have to pay.

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